What are the characters in And Now Tomorrow movie

The characters in And Now Tomorrow movie are
Nurse - Hazel Keener
Hester - Connie Leon
Angeletta Gallo - Helen (I) Mack
Mrs. Raines - Ottola Nesmith
Carrie - Constance Purdy
Carrie - Constance Purdy
4 Year Old Girl at Gallo Home - Bunny Sunshine
Patient - Minerva Urecal
Emily Blair - Loretta (I) Young
Emily - Age 7 - Ann (I) Carter
Receptionist - Mae (I) Clarke
Receptionist - Catherine (I) Craig
Janice - Age 4 - Elinor Donahue
7-Year-Old Girl - Gloria Donovan
Maid of Honor - Doris Dowling
Mrs. Vankovitch - Edith Evanson
Mrs. Blodgett - Betty Farrington
Nurse - Mary (I) Field
Janice Blair - Susan (I) Hayward
Waiter - Jack (II) Gardner
Patient - Joseph Granby
Dr. Sloane - Jonathan (I) Hale
Customer Eating at Lunch Counter - Eddie (I) Hall
Joe - Darryl Hickman
Santa Claus - Harry Holman
Customer - Olin Howland
Telegraph Office Clerk - Stan (I) Johnson
Doctor Weeks - Cecil Kellaway
Doctor Merek Vance - Alan (I) Ladd
Patient - Frank (I) Mayo
Man in Tails - James (I) Millican
Uncle Wallace - Grant (I) Mitchell
Mill Worker - Bobby Barber
Frightened Boy - Charles (I) Bates
Conductor - L.J. O'Connor
Narrator - Ed Reimer
Dr. Vance - Age 13 - Merrill Rodin
Best Man/Mill Worker - Ronald R. Rondell
Mr. Raines - Edwin Stanley
Jeff Stoddard - Barry (I) Sullivan
Charlie - Doodles Weaver
Mill Worker/Baggage Man - Robert Wilber
Bobby - Conrad Binyon
Episcopalian Minister - Harry C. Bradley
Jan Vankovitch - Leo Bulgakov
Meeker - George M. Carleton
Peter Gallo - Anthony (I) Caruso
Patient - Russ (I) Clark
Mr. Meade - Alec Craig
Truck Driver - Jimmie Dundee
Clerk - Byron Foulger

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