What are the characters in Angels with Dirty Faces movie

The characters in Angels with Dirty Faces movie are
Laury - as a Child - Marilyn Knowlden
Soapy's Mother - Vera Lewis
Mrs. Maggione - Belle Mitchell
Laury Martin - Ann Sheridan
Girl at Gaming Table - Poppy Wilde
Onlooker at Drugstore - Lottie (I) Williams
Mrs. Patrick McGee - Mary (I) Gordon
Policeman - Galan Galt
Death Row Guard - Bud Geary
Reporter - Jack A. Goodrich
Bim - Leo Gorcey
Reporter - Earl (I) Gunn
Sharpie - Frank Hagney
Crab - Huntz Hall
Soapy - Billy Halop
Police Captain - John (I) Hamilton
Sharpie - John Harron
Pharmacist - Harry (I) Hayden
Convict - Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Guard - Ben (I) Hendricks Jr.
Policeman - Robert Homans
Press City Editor - Thomas E. Jackson
Swing - Bobby (I) Jordan
Reporter - Donald (I) Kerr
Boy - Frank (I) Kowalski
Reporter - Al Lloyd
Reporter - Alexander Lockwood
Boy - Vince (I) Lombardi
Police Sergeant - Wilfred Lucas
Church Basketball Team Player - Le Val Lund Jr.
Croupier - Wilbur Mack
Reporter - Charles (I) Marsh
Well-Dressed Man - John (I) Marston
Church Basketball Team Player - Bibby Mayer
Janitor - Billy McClain
Boy - Roger McGee
Reporter - Carlyle Moore Jr.
Blackie - Adrian (I) Morris
Detective - Jack Mower
Mac Keefer - George (I) Bancroft
Jerry Connolly - Pat (I) O'Brien
Inquisitive Youth in Pool Room - Spec O'Donnell
Railroad Guard - Pat (I) O'Malley
Kennedy - Oscar O'Shea
Older Boy - George Offerman Jr.
Officer McMann - Emory Parnell
Edwards - Edward Pawley
Bugs - William Pawley
Death Row Guard - Jack Perrin
Detective - Lee (I) Phelps
Hunky - Bernard Punsly
Gunman #3 - Theodore Rand
Gangster - Dick (I) Rich
Policeman on El Toro Club Phone - Ralph (I) Sanford
Reporter - Jeffrey Sayre
Railroad Guard - Jack C. (I) Smith
Headwaiter - George Sorel
'Record' Editor - James Spottswood
Death Row Guard - Michael (I) Stark
Red - Chuck Stubbs
Ed - Charles (I) Sullivan
Cop - Elliott Sullivan
Boy - A.W. Sweatt
Maggione Boy - Eddie Syracuse
Convict - George (V) Taylor
Jerry - as a Boy - William (I) Tracy
Norton J. White - Charles (I) Trowbridge
Church Basketball Team Player - Norman Wallace
Man in Pool Room Slugged by Father Connelly - Dick Wessel
Man with Baby - Leo (I) White
Police Lt. Buckley - Charles C. Wilson
Hanger-on in Pool Room - Claude Wisberg
Convict - Dan Wolheim
Warden - William Worthington
Basketball Captain - Harris (I) Berger
James Frazier - Humphrey Bogart
Convict - Sidney Bracey
Newsboy - Edwin Brian
Boy - Sonny Bupp
Convict - Brian (II) Burke
Rocky - as a Boy - Frankie Burke
Rocky Sullivan - James (I) Cagney
Church Basketball Team Player - Gary Carthew
Guard - Lane Chandler
Boy in Pool Room - Frank Coghlan Jr.
Church Basketball Team Player - Bill Cohee
Whimpering Convict - William (I) Crowell
Managing Editor - Joe (I) Cunningham
Gangster - Steve Darrell
Pasty - Gabriel (I) Dell
Gangster - Joe (I) Devlin
Chronicle Editor - John Dilson
Death Row Guard - Mike (I) Donovan
Steve - Joe (I) Downing
Boy in Pool Room - David (I) Durand
Priest - Earl Dwire
Italian Storekeeper - William Edmunds
Boy - Jack Egger
Railroad Yard Watchman - Jim (I) Farley

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