What are the characters in Anikruya movie

The characters in Anikruya movie are
Seer - Charlie Alejandro
Villager - Heather Lundin
Jacqueline - Elizabeth Morrill
Evie - Katarina Nixon
Village Guard - Vanessa Novak
Villager - Theis Orion
Village Elder - Robyn Pfeffer
Great Bookmaker - Sire-ra Phoenix
Troll Queen - Isu Ravi
Troll Queen - Isu Ravi
Fairy - Nancy Waites
Kang Yi - Courtney (I) Zang
Stand in for Kang Yi - Mackenzie (I) Brown
Shop Keeper - Michelle (X) Brown
Master Inaris - Sinari Diliiza
Village Guard, Cab Driver, Evil Minion in Black - Shelly NunChucks Finnegan
Tessa - Olivia Goncalves
Tessa's Mom - Sandra Hickey
Tessa's Friend - Ben (I) McLean
Martin Thrax - Bill Steven (I) McLean
Hua Chi - Nirakazi Ng
Master Inaris's Messenger - Cody Theberge
Villager - Kaleb Theberge
Troll Queen's Minion - Jonathan (XXIII) Brown
Ogre - Matt (IX) Collins
Anikruya - Ahura Z. Diliiza

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