What are the characters in Anthropophagus movie

The characters in Anthropophagus movie are
Carol - Zora Kerova
Henriette 'Rita' - Margaret Mazzantini
Ruth Wortmann - Rubina Rey
Ruth Wortmann - Rubina Rey
Maggie - Susan Spafford
Carol - Pat Starke
First Victim - Simone (I) Baker
Julie - Carolyn De Fonseca
Julie - Tisa Farrow
Maggie - Serena Grandi
Arnold - Bob (I) Larson
Second Victim - Mark (I) Logan
Andy - Saverio Vallone
Daniel - Mark Bodin
Bearded man exiting the cable car - Joe (I) D'Amato
Klaus Wortmann/Antropophagus - George (I) Eastman

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