What are the characters in Ants in the Pantry movie

The characters in Ants in the Pantry movie are
Clara - Isabel La Mal
Party Guest - Stella LeSaint
Maid - Helen Martinez
Eleanor - Anne O'Neal
Party Guest - Flo Promis
Party Guest - Flo Promis
Mouser's secretary - Hilda Title
Party Guest - Elaine Waters
Party Guest - Gay Waters
Mrs. Beulah Burlap - Clara Kimball Young
Debutante with mouse - Phyllis Crane
Party Guest - Idalyn Dupre
Party Guest - Althea Henley
Lord Stoke Pogis - Douglas Gerrard
A. Mouser - Harrison (I) Greene
Curly - Curly Howard
Moe - Moe (I) Howard
Professor Repulso - Bud Jamison
Guest in suit w/moustache - Eddie Laughton
Guest w/toupee in piano scene - James C. Morton
Gawkins - the Butler - Vesey O'Davoren
Party Guest - Art Rowlands
Tall guest w/vest (at 7:42) - Arthur Thalasso
Guest with moustache & glasses - Al (I) Thompson
Party Guest - Ron (I) Wilson
Guest in riding gear by dessert table - Bert Young
Party Guest - Lynton Brent
Party Guest With Mouse Down Back - Bobby (I) Burns
Ant/Aardvark/Pest Control Employee - John Byner
Guest in riding gear w/moustache - Lew Davis
Workman With Ladder - Charles Dorety
Larry - Larry (I) Fine

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