What are the characters in Antz movie

The characters in Antz movie are
Azteca - Jennifer (I) Lopez
Princess Bala - Sharon (I) Stone
Queen - Anne (I) Bancroft
Additional Voices - April Winchell
Muffy - Jane Curtin
Z - Woody Allen
Barbatus - Danny (I) Glover
General Mandible - Gene Hackman
Grebs - John (I) Mahoney
Psychologist - Paul Mazursky
Chip - Dan Aykroyd
Additional Voices - Gary (I) Schwartz
Foreman - Grant Shaud
Army Vocalist - Marty Sixkiller
Bartender - Jerry Sroka
Weaver - Sylvester Stallone
Colonel Cutter - Christopher Walken
Additional Voices - Jim (I) Cummings
Additional Voices - Eric Darnell

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