What are the characters in Appleton movie

The characters in Appleton movie are
Colleen - Lauren Lakis
Maddy Ballister - Alison Sieke
Gracie - Olivia Taylor Dudley
Gus - Scott (XII) Harris
Lone Man - Aaron Jettleson
Gerry - Doug Mancheski
Marv - Bill Oberst Jr.
Tommy - Kevin Plekan
Gus - Paul (II) Prado
Cal Bower - Charley Rossman
Mitchell - Don Scribner
The Waiter - Luke Seavecki
Henry - Luke Seavecki
Marv - Jonathan Tabler
Bart - Rhys Wolff
Luke - Mercer Boffey
Meg Wilson - Stela Burdt
The Vagrant - Jason Cart
Bao - Ralph Chan
Miller - Jesse Chevy
George Wilson - Scott (II) Dixon
George Wilson - Scott (XII) Dixon
Stu Ballister - Trevor (I) Downie
John Ballister - Dave (IX) Erickson
John - Dave (X) Erickson

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