What are the characters in Artists and Models Abroad movie

The characters in Artists and Models Abroad movie are
Marie - Phyllis Kennedy
Miss America - Gwen Kenyon
Girl - Evelyn Keyes
Girl - Laurie (I) Lane
'Jersey' - Joyce Mathews
Girl - Helaine Moler
Girl - Carol (I) Parker
Punkins - Mary (II) Parker
Girl - Amzie Strickland
Patricia Harper - Joan (I) Bennett
Mrs. Isabel Channing - Mary (I) Boland
Tailor-Made Model - Linda Yale
Girl - Marie Burton
'Dodie' - Dolores Casey
Woman - Ethel Clayton
'Chickie' - Joyce (I) Compton
Madame Brissard - Adrienne D'Ambricourt
Becky - Sheila Darcy
Girl - Paula DeCardo
Kansas - Marie DeForrest
Girl - Maria Doray
'Red' - Yvonne Duval
Girl - Nora Gale
Member - The Yacht Club Boys - Charles (II) Adler
Doorman - Ed Agresti
American Reporter - Kenneth (I) Gibson
James Harper - Charley Grapewin
Chef - Robert (I) Graves
Plainclothes Detective - Roque Guinart
Eliot Winthrop - G.P. (I) Huntley
Headwaiter - Armand Kaliz
Member The Yacht Club Boys - George (III) Kelly
Busboy - George Kerebel
Member The Yacht Club Boys - James V. Kern
Kitchen Helper - Harry (I) Lamont
Treasury Official - Fred Malatesta
Member The Yacht Club Boys - Billy (I) Mann
Plainclothes Detective - Andre Marsaudon
Waiter - Alphonse Martell
Prefect's Assistant - Francisco Mar�n
Count Vassily Vossilovitch - Alex Melesh
Simpson - Louis (I) Mercier
Kitchen Helper - Tony (I) Merlo
Attendant - David Mir
Guard - Francisco (I) Moreno
Guide - Cliff Nazarro
Watchman - Eugene Beday
Guard - Manuel Par�s
Gendarme - Jean (I) Perry
Chaumont - Jules Raucourt
Prefects of Police - Georges Renavent
Busboy - Saverio Rinaldo
Grocery Boy - Joseph Romantini
German Reporter - Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Police Prefect - Nicholas Soussanin
Cabby - Louis Van der Ecker
Guard - Jacques Vanaire
Gantvoort - Monty Woolley
The Yacht Club Boys - The Yacht Club Boys
Buck Boswell - Jack Benny
Guard - Eugene Borden
Page - Donald Boucher
Kitchen Helper - Maurice Brierre
Hotel Clerk - Paul Bryar
Keyboard Operator - George Calliga
Assistant Manager - Peter Camlin
Guard - Fred Cavens
Brissard - Andr� Cheron
Simpson - Chester Clute
Chef - Paul Cremonesi
Proprietor - Gennaro Curci
Kitchen Helper - Albert D'Arno
Waiter - Eddie (VI) Davis
Guard Leader - George (I) Davis
Exposition Guard - Joseph de Beauvolers
Treasury Official - Jean De Briac
Reporter - Georges De Gombert
Porter - Charles De Ravenne
Waiter - Ray De Ravenne
Exposition Guard - Martial de Serrand
Waiter - Robert Du Couedic
Waiter - Arthur Dulac
Secretary - William Emile
Dubois - Fritz Feld
Gendarme - Constant Franke

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