What are the characters in Awilda and a Bee movie

The characters in Awilda and a Bee movie are
Head hater chick - Stephanie Andujar
Female Spelling Bee Judge - Minerava Minaya
Teacher Sistagirl - Rashsheeda Smith
Mother Hater - Sara (I) Contreras
Winner white girl - Christine Evangelista
Awilda's 'bestfriend' - Glenys Javier
Kid in school spelling bee - Jonas Jeannot
Smart Chinese Kid - Andrew (XX) Lee
Male School Spelling Bee judge - Kenny (I) Ortega
Professor Morpheus - Gilbert Tucker
Awilda Lopez/Jonathan Connors/Angel Colon/Lusion Panthers/The old angry judge - Victor (II) Cruz
Guy on the corner/Guy in the audience - Michael (III) Diaz
Obnoxious kid in spelling bee - Tyler (V) Ford

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