What are the characters in B.F.\'s Daughter movie

The characters in B.F.\'s Daughter movie are
Young Girl - Lisa (I) Kirby
Eugenia Taris - Barbara Laage
Party Guest - Ann Lawrence
'Apples' Sandler - Margaret (I) Lindsay
Miss Dudley - Vera Marshe
Assistant Secretary - Rhea Mitchell
Instructor with Glasses at Metropolitan - Dorothy Neumann
Tasmin's Receptionist - Anne O'Neal
Sedley Guest - Nita Pike
Sedley Guest - Ezelle Poule
Mrs. Barstow - Helen (I) Spring
'Polly' Fulton - Barbara Stanwyck
Emily Lovelace - Laura Treadwell
Woman at Hamlet Play - Ellinor Vanderveer
Miss Wall, Tom's War Time Secretary - Geraldine Wall
Mrs. Sedley - Regina Wallace
Wedding Guest - Florence Wix
B.F.'s Nurse - Helen (I) Brown
Gladys Fulton - Spring Byington
Sedley Guest - Ruth (I) Cherrington
Young Girl - Josette Deegan
Party Guest - Lala Detolly
Mrs. Marbey - Elspeth Dudgeon
Young Girl - Mary Jo Ellis
Sedley Guest - Estelle Etterre
Lady Dover - Jean Fenwick
Sedley Guest - Almeda Fowler
Maurine, B.F.'s Secretary - Edna Holland
Attendant - John (I) Albright
Co-Pilot - William O. Harbach
Wedding Guest/Party Guest - Sam (II) Harris
Robert S. Tasmin III - Richard (I) Hart
Thomas W. Brett - Van (I) Heflin
Conductor - Clarence Hennecke
Butler - Robert (I) Jefferson
Black Hotel Waiter - Thaddeus Jones
Old Man - Sidney Lawford
Departing Train Passenger - Jack Lomas
Old Man - Thomas Louden
Army Soldier - Mickey (I) Martin
Colonel - Frank (I) Mayo
Attendant - David McKim
Man at Hamlet Play - Harold (I) Miller
Bartender - Ernesto (I) Molinari
Army Soldier - Ralph Montgomery
Connecticut Mansion Butler - Matt (I) Moore
Army Captain - Bill (I) Neff
Party Guest - Vincent Neptune
Army Captain - David (I) Newell
Jan - Fred Nurney
Conductor - Robert Emmett O'Connor
Attendant - Allan Ray
Army Soldier - Joe Recht
Fred Lovelace, U.S. Car Co. - George Spaulding
Army Soldier - Robert (I) Spencer
F.W. White, Ainsley's Friend - Wyndham Standing
Army Soldier - Jack Stenlino
Warrant Officer Operating Radio - William (I) Tannen
The Sailor - Marshall (I) Thompson
Mario - Speakeasy Waiter - Tito Vuolo
Joe Stewart, Brett's Boss - Pierre Watkin
Speakeasy Waiter - Marek Windheim
Martin Delwyn Ainsley - Keenan Wynn
Major Isaac Riley - Thomas E. (I) Breen
Sam Hartle, the Caretaker - Harlan Briggs
Army Corporal, Tasmin's Jeep Driver - Alexander (I) Cameron
Park Avenue Doorman - Davison Clark
B.F. Fulton - Charles (I) Coburn
Man at Hamlet Play - James Conaty
Army Soldier - Gene Coogan
Maj. Gen. Waldron, Tasmin's Boss - Edwin (I) Cooper
Mr. Barstow, Dinner Guest Asking Advice - Boyd Davis
Marvin X. Gibson, Lecture Bureau - Hal K. Dawson
Party Guest - Marcel De la Brosse
George the Chauffeur - Harry Denny
Army Soldier - Jim Drum
Bellhop - Billy Engle
S.Z. Holmquist, 4 Forks, Minnesota - Tom Fadden
Page Boy - Sig Frohlich

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