What are the characters in Bad Asses on the Bayou movie

The characters in Bad Asses on the Bayou movie are
Taryn - Deborah Ayorinde
News Reporter - Margaret Lawhon
Carmen - Loni Love
Kelly - Aisa Palomares
Upscale wedding goer - Brittany Prevot
Lois Morgan - Carol Sutton
Team Girl - Brandi Vielee
Violinist - Olga Wilhelmine
Marissa - Chelsea Bruland
Katie - Jaqueline Fleming
Spanish News Reporter - Lucia Heros
Earl - John (I) Amos
Kyle - Colby Arps
Bernie Pope - Danny (I) Glover
Bartender - Darryl (II) Harvey
Cajun cook - Vincent Eugene Hatten
Detective #1 - John (XXXI) Henry
Detective #3 - Scott (III) House
Cheif Broussard - Davi Jay
Creole Cook - Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.
Twenty-Something Guy - Daryn Kahn
Bank Robber - Mikal Kartvedt
News Reporter - Patrick (III) Kearns
Jawn - Garrett Kruithof
Pierre - Keith Loneker
Detective Williamson - Judd Lormand
Buford - Rob (I) Mello
H.S. Security Guard - Lucius Baston
Jimbo - Brian Oerly
Cue Stick Guy - James Ourso
Landry - Jeff (III) Pope
Detective #4 - Garrett Prejean
Police Officer - Anthony (II) Ramsey
Uniformed police officer - Michael Rhoads
Kidnapper - Michael Patrick Rogers
Geoffrey - Sammi Rotibi
Bufords friend - Garrett Saia
Hung - Han Soto
Frank Vega - Danny Trejo
Additional Voices - Mike (III) Vaughn
Guillermo Gomez - Al Vicente
Flight Attendant - Michael Whitener
Detective #2 - Jesse Yarborough
Ronald - Jimmy (II) Bennett
Actor - James Moses Black
Detective - Allen Boudreaux
Wedding Guest - Mike Constant
Ass Kicker - Ross P. Cook
Talk Show Host - Miles Doleac
Guard - Blake Dozzer
AJ - Andrew Duplessie

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