What are the characters in Barbacka movie

The characters in Barbacka movie are
Maid Linnea - Ulla Akselson
Old Lady - Emmy Albiin
Maria Dahl - Ulla Andreasson
Mrs. Dahl - M�rta Arbin
Linberger's Maid - Aurore Palmgren
Countess Linberger - Manetta Ryberg
Marianne - Margareta 'Marjo' Bergman
Stina Rapp - Margreth Weivers
Connie Falk - Gunnel Brostr�m
Johan - Erik Hell
Edvard Falk - Douglas H�ge
Arvid Dahl - Ivar K�ge
Boris Linberger - Sven Lindberg
Blacksmith's Disciple - Hans Lindgren
Gunnar Dahl - Jan-Erik Lindqvist
Postman - John Norrman
M?nsson - Robert Ryberg
Truck Driver - Tage Berg
Blacksmith - Birger �sander
Stable Hand - Gunnar �hlund
Uno Linberger - G�sta Cederlund

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