What are the characters in Barely Dead movie

The characters in Barely Dead movie are
Party Guest - Melanie (I) Knupp
Intern - Eni (I) Lantang
Reporter - Janet (III) Patterson
Senator's Wife - Tricia (V) Williams
Senator's Secretary - Lynn (II) Bryant
Party Guest - Colleen (II) Callahan
Visitation Attendee - Leslie Carlen
Maid - Melanie Ching
Reporter - Sara Smidge Goessel
Punched Reporter - Morgan (I) Graham
Coroner - LaQuita Chantelle James
Senator's stepson - Gavin (IV) Graham
Body Guard - Marcus (I) Guillory
Watermelon Delivery Guy - Kory Haley
Bodyguard - Will Batson
Curtis - Will (V) Parker
Reporter - Steven Raimo
Senator Tuckerbee - Victor (II) Bond
Smart Mouth Kid - DeJuan Buckley

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