What are the characters in Bat*21 movie

The characters in Bat*21 movie are
NVC/VC Officer - Bonny Yong
NVA/VC Officer - Jim (I) Aman
Major Jake Scott - Erich (I) Anderson
Captain Bartholomew Clark - Danny (I) Glover
Ross Carver - David Marshall Grant
Lt. Colonel Iceal Hambleton - Gene Hackman
EB-66 Officer - Stuart B. (I) Hagen
Helicopter Crew - Scott (I) Howell
Reporter - Craig (I) Huston
NVA/VC Officer - Fung Yun Khiong
Helicopter Gunner - Alan (VI) King
NVA/VC Officer - Willie Lai
NVA/VC Officer - Henry (II) Lee
NVA/VC Officer - Fredolin Leong
NVA/VC Officer - Ming-yang Li
NVA/VC Officer - Jeffrey (I) Liew
NVA/VC Officer - Benedict Lojingkau
NVA/VC Officer - Walter Lojingkau
NVA/VC Officer - Johnny Michael
NVA/VC Officer - Clarence Mojikon
Vietnamese Man - Michael (VI) Ng
Helicopter Gunner - Jeffrey (II) Baxter
NVA/VC Officer - Wilod Nuin
Helicopter Crew - Michael Raden
Colonel George Walker - Jerry (I) Reed
Sgt. Harley Rumbaugh - Clayton Rohner
Helicopter Crew - Don Ruffin
NVA/VC Officer - Harold Sinpang
Boy on Bridge - Theodore Chan Woei-Shyong
NVA/VC Officer - Conidon Wong
NVA/VC Officer - Martin Yong
NVA/VC Officer - Paul (I) Yong
Army pilot - Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
NVA/VC Officer - Freddie Chin
NVA/VC Officer - Dennis (I) Chong
NVA/VC Officer - Liow Hui Chun
Colonel Douglass - Joe (I) Dorsey
EB-66 Officer - Timothy (I) Fitzgerald

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