What are the characters in Batkid Begins movie

The characters in Batkid Begins movie are
Herself - Naomi Kyle
Herself - Stefania Pomponi
Herself - Natalie (II) Scott
Herself - Jen Wilson
Herself - Patricia (XII) Wilson
Herself - Teresa Clovicko
Herself - Audrey Copper
Herself - Katie Cotton
Herself - Ama Daetz
Herself - Sue Graham Johnston
Batman - Eric (I) Johnston
The Penguin - Mike Jutan
Himself - Bary Kendall
Himself - Ed (XVI) Lee
Batkid - Miles (II) Scott
Himself - Nick (XVII) Scott
Himself - Greg Suhr
Himself - Chris (XCI) Taylor
Himself - Christopher Verdosci
The Riddler - Philip Watt
Himself - Hans (I) Zimmer
Himself - Mike DeJesus

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