What are the characters in Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie

The characters in Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie are
Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla - Kandyse McClure
President Laura Roslin - Mary (I) McDonnell
Flower Girl - Alyssa Minniss
Lt. Sharon Valerii - Grace (I) Park
Sgt. Mathias - Eileen Pedde
Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace - Katee Sackhoff
Young Helena Cain - Kyra Scott
Mother - Ingrid (I) Tesch
Little Lucy Cain - Chandra Berg
Showboat - Stefanie von Pfetten
Woman in Cage - Deni DeLory
Admiral Helena Cain - Michelle (I) Forbes
Number Six/Gina Inviere - Tricia Helfer
Child in Cage - Emily Hirst
Kendra Shaw - Stephanie Jacobsen
Male Captive - Stefan Arngrim
Peter Laird - Vincent (I) Gale
Man in Cage #1 - John Hainsworth
Commander Barry Garner - John (I) Heard
Colonel Saul Tigh - Michael (II) Hogan
Lt. Felix Gaeta - Alessandro Juliani
Hybrid - Campbell Lane
Scylla Protestor #2 - Cameron (II) MacLeod
Man in Cage #2 - Victor (III) Ayala
Colonel Jurgen Belzen - Steve Bacic
Cpt. Lee 'Apollo' Adama - Jamie Bamber
Colonel Jack Fisk - Graham Beckel
Admiral William Adama - Edward James Olmos
Medic Hudson - Shaker Paleja
Lt. Karl 'Helo' Agathon - Tahmoh Penikett
Marine Riggs - Joey Pierce
Scylla Protestor #1 - Trevor (I) Roberts
Young Marine - Tyson Stanley
Samuel Anders - Michael Trucco
Aaron Doral - Matthew (I) Bennett
Squad Leader Banzai - Jacob Blair
Ops Officer - Chris (I) Bradford
Frank Bruno - Peter (I) Bryant
Dr. Gaius Baltar - James Callis
Lt. Alastair Thorne - Fulvio Cecere
Young Adama - Nico Cortez
Terrified Man - Ben (I) Cotton
Chief Galen Tyrol - Aaron (I) Douglas
Son #1 - Matt (III) Drake
Hoshi - Brad Dryborough
Marine Dasilva - Andrew (I) Dunbar
Son #2 - Dustin Eriksen
Helena's Father - Peter (I) Flemming

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