What are the characters in Becoming Sophie movie

The characters in Becoming Sophie movie are
Sophie - Ashley (VI) Alexander
Friend at party - Alisson Amigo
Art gallery attendee - Chris Karington
Gallery Guest - Pam (II) Kearns
Party guest - Teresa Margaret King
Art gallery attendee - Fiona Ma
Party guest - Susan Puno
Party guest - Susan Puno
Nina - M�lanie Segura
Party guest - Rebekah (V) Baker
Party guest - Mae Belen
Hilary - Sydney (II) Bell
Friend in picture - Ava Vanderstarren
Mme Martin - S�verine Ward
Art gallery attendee - Zayba Zaheer
Anne Camus - Anne Caillaud
Party guest - Catherine Elissa Chow
Friend in picture - Lisa Durupt
Coffee shop server - Lauren Forzani
Art gallery attendee - Sabrina Furminger
Art gallery attendee - Lisa Kimberley (II) Hughes
Art gallery attendee - Jennifer Huva
Art gallery attendee - Eleanor Jane
Party guest - Sindy Jeffrey
Art gallery attendee - Michael (LVII) Hall
Friend in picture - Michael (VI) Lyons
Andrew - Daniel Mallinson
Tom - Caben McKendrick
Art gallery attendee - Carl Montoya
Disgruntled Driver - Robin (I) Nielsen
Max - Alejandro 'Ali' Potter
Veronica - Maria Solana
Pedestrian - Mark Surgenor
Party guest - Mustafa (II) Yilmaz
Charlotte - Jazzy Benson
Hannah - Erin Blackburn
Madame Camus - Pierrette Caillaud
Sophie Camus - Mallory Caillaud-Jones
Delivery Man - Sean (I) Carey
Jason - Jason (I) Cermak
Pedestrian - Audrey Chomik
Kyle - Theo Devaney
Art gallery attendee - Miles Ellis
Emily - Kara Faasen
Travel agent - Susan (V) Ferguson
Party guest - Christopher (III) Flaherty

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