What are the characters in Being Bin Laden movie

The characters in Being Bin Laden movie are
Khaled - Alicia (II) Knight
Ali - Jes Macallan
Party Guest - Desiree Manly
Batool - Veerta Motiani
Nabeelah - Sheetal Sheth
Party Guest - Sophie Benhamou
Party Guest - Cinderella Graham
Hamza - Rachael (I) Harris
Party Guest - Marc-Andre Gravel
Amir - Jason Gray-Stanford
Party Guest - Zay Harding
Osama's Goon - Yogi Joshi
Therapist - Alec Ledd
Osama's Goon - Nevin Millan
Osama's Dog - Murphy (II)
Al-Zawahiri - Dan (XXI) O'Brien
Alan Goldstein - Fred Savage
Faheem - Deepak (II) Sethi
Mel Gibson - Andr� Sogliuzzo
Omar - Amir Talai
Osama Bin Laden - Steven (I) Weber

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