What are the characters in Bev movie

The characters in Bev movie are
Nicole - Kristina Cohen Kruz
Bev's Mom - Heather Lawless
Miss October - Ruby McCollister
Miss April 9th - Addie Moreno
Emma Foster - Emma (II) Noble
Miss November - Jacqueline Novak
Miss May - Kira Pearson
Miss April 10th - Suzi Sadler
Michelle Solomon - Nicole Spiezio
Bev - Anita Barone
Miss December - Bruce Bundy
Miss September - Molly Burch
Miss July - Ada DeFriez
Libby Daniels - Lisa DeLarios
Janna Porter - Janna Emig
Gabriel Vartan - Max (I) Jenkins
Adam Malone - Greg (XXI) Johnson
The Collector - Jordan Byron Kinley
Bev - Brennan Lee Mulligan
Joel Perez - Joe Pera
German Diner - Andy Rolfes
Andrew Bruni - Dailey Toliver
Mike Gibbs - Mike Dobbins
Emcee Creamy - John (IV) Early
Michael Queen - Andrew (IV) Farmer

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