What are the characters in Beyond the Facade movie

The characters in Beyond the Facade movie are
Carol - Laura (I) Aguirre
Honey - Kimber Leigh
Angel - Danae McKillop
Candy - Nicole Nastazzio
Lisa Bonaparte - Janeann Nolan
Laura - Magen Portanova
Woman in Church - Connie Sears
Noelle - No�l Baker
Mrs. Penton - Penny Fischer Galpin
Alicia Mantry - Christy (I) Johnson
Billy Cameron - Jamie Aduono
Homeless Man - French Harvey
Tony Ricci - Randy (II) Jones
Doctor Halpern - Brad Batchelor
John Alcott - Ron Nummi
Rick Freeman - Lionel Pina
Mr. Bentoncourt - Clay (II) Randall
Muarice the Valet - Ernest Whitted

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