What are the characters in Bite Marks movie

The characters in Bite Marks movie are
Vampire Girl - Krystal Main
Waitress - Racheal Rivera
Waitress - Racheal Rivera
Amber Lynn - Miranda (I) Downey
Carol - Colleen Harrison
Caplan - Jon (I) Gale
Walsh - Stephen Geoffreys
Vampire #4 - Stacey T. Gillespie
Vampire #2 - Jason (XIX) James
Brewster - Benjamin Lutz
Cary - Windham Beacham
Walter York - Graham Timbes
Dr. Kane - Alfred (V) Ward
The Mechanic - John Werskey
Heather - Natasha (X) Williams
Vogel - David Alanson Bradberry
Doomed Trucker - Lou (II) Cass
McDougall - Phillip Henry Christopher
Vampire #3 - Justin Fill
Vampire #1 - Craig Fuchs

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