What are the characters in Black Panther movie

The characters in Black Panther movie are
Madame/Female Cannibal - Vanessa (I) Marshall
Female Cannibal - Vanessa (I) Marshall
Female Servant - Georgette Perna
Child T'Challa/Child #1 - Georgette Perna
Boy/Girl/Female Medic - Georgette Perna
Hannah Cleese/Female Servant/Nurse/Child T'Challa/Child Shuri/Boy/Girl - Georgette Perna
Ororo Munroe/Storm (2009) - Jill (II) Scott
Storm - Jill (II) Scott
Princess Shuri - Kerry (I) Washington
Princess Shuri/Baker Woman - Kerry (I) Washington
Dondi Reece/Queen Mother - Alfre Woodard
Queen Mother - Alfre Woodard
Dondi Reece/Dora Milaje/Miss M'Buve - Alfre Woodard
Dondi Reece/Dora Milaje/Miss M'Duve - Alfre Woodard
T'Chaka - Jonathan (II) Adams
M'Butu's Security Officer/Citizen - Jonathan (II) Adams
Black Panther/T'Challa - Djimon Hounsou
Announcer #1/Sentry/T'Shan/Wakandan #1 - Phil LaMarr
General Wallace - Stan (I) Lee
Uncle S'Yan - Carl Lumbly
Uncle S'Yan/Councilman #3 - Carl Lumbly
Uncle S'Yan/Miner #1/Miner #4 - Carl Lumbly
Juggernaut/Councilman #1 - Peter (I) Lurie
Juggernaut/Pilot/Soldier - Peter (I) Lurie
W'Kabi/Councilman #2 - Phil (I) Morris
W'Kabi/M'Butu/Miner #2/Miner #3 - Phil (I) Morris
Himself - Huey P. Newton
Cyclops - Nolan North
Captain America - Adrian Pasdar
Announcer #2/Warrior #2/Historical Panther #2 - Kevin Michael Richardson
Wolverine/Historic Panther - Kevin Michael Richardson
Wakandan Scientist/Warrior/White Panther - Kevin Michael Richardson
Himself - Bobby Seale
Ulysses Klaue/Klaw - Andy Serkis
Staffer #2 - Stephen Stanton
Klaw/Confederate General/Scientist #1 - Stephen Stanton
Klaw/Diplomat - Stephen Stanton
Klaw/TV Announcer - Stephen Stanton
Klaw/Handler/Special Forces Op - Stephen Stanton
Klaw/Special Forces Op - Stephen Stanton
Soldier #1/Soldier #2 - Rick D. Wasserman
Radioactive Man/Igor Stancheck - Rick D. Wasserman
Radioactive Man/Igor Stancheck/Citizen - Rick D. Wasserman
Warrior #2/Warrior #3 - Earl (I) White
Batroc the Leaper/Male Cannibal/Secretary - JB Blanc
Batroc the Leaper/Priest - JB Blanc
Black Knight/Batroc the Leaper - JB Blanc
T'Challa/Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman
Everett Ross/Scientist - David (I) Busch
Everett Ross/Scientist #1 - David (I) Busch
Everett Ross/Expert #1 - David (I) Busch
Himself - Eldridge Cleaver
Historical Panther #1 - Taye Diggs

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