What are the characters in Black Snake movie

The characters in Black Snake movie are
2nd Running Girl - Lawanda Moore
Cleone - Vikki Richards
Cleone - Vikki Richards
1st Running Girl - Donna (I) Young
Lady Susan Walker - Anouska Hempel
Village Elder - Sydney A. Harris
Joxer Tierney - Percy Herbert
Informer - Robert (XXXVII) Lee
Joshua - Milton McCollin
Bottoms - Bloke Modisane
Isiah - Thomas Baptiste
2nd Running Boy - Don Pasbridge
Jonathan Walker - David (I) Prowse
1st Running Boy - Bruce Richard
Lord Clive - Anthony Sharp
Sir Charles Walker/Ronald Sopwith - David Warbeck
Ton-Ton Soldier - Wendell (I) Williams
Capt. Raymond Daladier - Bernard Boston
Cart Driver - Ebbie Clark
Stalwart - Carl Corbin

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