What are the characters in Blackburn movie

The characters in Blackburn movie are
Barb - Brandi (I) Alexander
Mary - Maja Aro
Jade - Sarah (I) Lind
Helen - Mallorie Lindsey
Ivy - Jacqueline Robbins
Iris - Joyce (I) Robbins
Ivy - Jacqueline Robbins
Iris - Joyce (I) Robbins
Posey - Jen Soska
Poppy - Sylvia Soska
Chelsea - Emilie Ullerup
Mary - Rebecca Husain
Chip shop owner - John (I) Henshaw
Digits - Ken Kirzinger
3Eyes - Brad (I) Loree
Nathan - Alex McCormack
Rob - Lochlyn Munro
Adeel - Zulf Patel
Shaun - Zack Peladeau
Ryan - Calum Worthy
Luke - Alexander Calvert
Firefighter - Mike Dopud

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