What are the characters in Blume in Love movie

The characters in Blume in Love movie are
Welfare Client - Rutanya Alda
Nina Blume - Susan Anspach
Party Guest - Chela Bacigalupo
Party Guest - Sally (I) Kirkland
Arlene - Marsha (I) Mason
Helen Martinson - Marsia Masset
Mrs. Greco - Shelley (I) Morrison
Bar Hostess - Jo Morrow
Dori Derfner - Carol O'Leary
Cindy - Erin (I) O'Reilly
Room Clerk - Corinne Patten
Party Guest - Adriana Shaw
Party Guest - Brenda Smiley
Girl at Party - Erica von Kessler
Mrs. Cramer - Shelley Winters
Minor Role - Lenore Woodward
Annie Goober - Carol Worthington
Gloria - Annazette Chase
Party Guest - Elizabeth Claman
Yoga Leader - Virginia Denison
Receptionist - Barbara Duskin
Lulu - Judyann Elder
Welfare Worker - Tamara Elliot
Guest at Buccieri's - Jenny (I) Hill
Louise - Mary (I) Jackson
Party Guest - Jane (I) Jenkins
Guest at Buccieri's - Phil (I) Adams
Party Guest - David (I) Garfield
Party Guru - Louis Gottlieb
Swing Bartender - Harry (I) Hollins
Boy at Party - Dennis Kort
Elmo Cole - Kris (I) Kristofferson
Young Boy - Ian Linhart
Cleaning Man - Karl Lukas
Patron at H.E.L.P. Restaurant - Hal Marshall
Hellman - Paul Mazursky
Analyst - Donald F. Muhich
Older Man - Gigi Ballista
Actor - Daniel (I) N��ez
Ed Goober - Ed Peck
Guest at Buccieri's - Andre Philippe
Party Guest - Albert Popwell
Man at Bar - George (I) Reynolds
Party Guest - Philip (II) Roth
Party Guest - Ray Schmidt
Stephen Blume - George (I) Segal
H.E.L.P. Waiter - Warren Stagg
Venice Waiter - Mario Demo
Party Guest - Leon Frederick

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