What are the characters in Bodyhold movie

The characters in Bodyhold movie are
Aggie - Iris Adrian
Mary Simmons - Lola Albright
Kitty Cassidy - Ruth Warren
Flo Woodbury - Hillary Brooke
Terre Haute Terror - Ken Ackles
Dr. Hagar - William E. (I) Green
Commissioner Harley - John (I) Hamilton
Announcer - Bobby Henshaw
Slats Henry - Allen (I) Jenkins
Henchman - I. Stanford Jolley
Pat Simmons - Gordon (I) Jones
Timekeeper - Kenner G. Kemp
Undetermined Minor Role - Tom Kingston
Mike Kalumbo - Henry Kulky
Referee - Ed (I) Lewis
Chuck Hadley - George (I) Lloyd
Gus Strotz - Matt (I) McHugh
Red Roman - Sammy Menacker
Customer at Bar - Harold (I) Miller
Commentator - Sam Balter
Tommy Jones - Willard Parker
Wrestler - Pete (II) Peterson
Charlie Webster - Roy (I) Roberts
Henchman - Wally Rose
Big Spectator in Crowd - Ralph (I) Sanford
Waiter in Bar - Cosmo Sardo
'Killer' Cassidy - Frank Sully
Marvelous Milton - Billy Varga
Spectator in Crowd - Ralph Volkie
Prof. Weaver - Ray (I) Walker
Spectator in Crowd - Benny Burt
Little Spectator in Crowd - Chester Clute
Trainer in Gym - Kernan Cripps
Harold Hocksteader aka Azusa Assassin - William 'Wee Willie' Davis
Sir Raphael Brokenridge - John Dehner
Stadium Security Guard Morgan - George Eldredge

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