What are the characters in Breakfast at Tiffany\'s movie

The characters in Breakfast at Tiffany\'s movie are
Librarian - Elvia Allman
Party Guest - Barbara (I) Kelley
Party Guest - Hanna Landy
Party Guest - Mary LeBow
Telephone Operator - Leatrice Leigh
Party Guest Laughing in Mirror - Fay McKenzie
Party Guest Shaking Derrier in White Dress - Joyce Meadows
Policewoman - Kate (I) Murtagh
2-E - Patricia (I) Neal
Harriet - Party Guest in Gold Dress - Miriam (I) Nelson
Party Guest - Peggy Patten
Nightclub Stripper - Beverly Powers
Chinese Party Guest - Annabella Soong
Party Guest with Hat on Fire - Helen (I) Spring
Blonde in Low-Cut Cream Dress - Joan (I) Staley
Party Guest - Towyna Thomas
Woman - Janet Banzet
Mag Wildwood - Dorothy (I) Whitney
Party Guest - Linda (I) Wong
Party Guest - Florine Carlan
Party Guest in Blue and Green Dress - Sue (I) Casey
Party Guest - Marian Collier
Sing Sing Prison Visitor - Christine Corbin
Holly Golightly - Audrey (I) Hepburn
Rusty Trawler - Stanley (I) Adams
Party Guest - Joe (I) Gray
Mr. O'Shaunessy - Joseph J. Greene
Delivery Boy - Kip King
Party Guest - Frank Kreig
Gil - Party Guest with Harriet - Gil Lamb
The Cousin - James Lanphier
Floorwalker - Paul (I) Lees
Cab Driver - Mel Leonard
Police Desk Sergeant - Mike (I) Mahoney
Party Guest - Frank Marth
Tiffany's Salesman - John (I) McGiver
Party Guest - Hollis Morrison
Party Guest - Bill (I) Neff
Spieler at Stripjoint - Al Avalon
O.J. Berman - Martin Balsam
Party Guest - Henry Barnard
Narcotics Detective Cronberger - Henry Beckman
Sing Sing Prison Guard - Chuck Niles
'Cat' - a Cat - Orangey
Party Guest - Robert (I) Patten
Paul Varjak - George Peppard
Party Guest - John (I) Perri
Party Guest with Eyepatch - Michael Quinlivan
Hindu at Party - William Benegal Rau
Sally Tomato - Alan (I) Reed
Mr. Yunioshi - Mickey (I) Rooney
Party Guest - Joe (II) Scott
Reporter at Policed HQ - Charles (I) Sherlock
Sid Arbuck - Claude Stroud
Customer - Nino Tempo
Reporter - Glen Vernon
Party Guest with Cat on Shoulder - Wilson Wood
Party Guest - Richard Wyler
Party Guest - Michael Zaslow
Party Guest - Nicky (I) Blair
Holly's Drunk Visitor - Mel Blanc
Reporter - Bill (I) Bradley
Girl in Shower - Thayer Burton
Party Guest - Roydon Clark
Cab Driver - Dick Crockett
Party Guest - Tom (II) Curtis
Jos? - Jos� Luis de Vilallonga
Doc Golightly - Buddy Ebsen
Party Guest - Tommy Farrell
Party Guest - James (II) Field
Harmonica Player - George (I) Fields

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