What are the characters in Bright Young Things movie

The characters in Bright Young Things movie are
Party Guest - Haid�e Augusta
Celeste - Kate Loustau
Lottie Crump - Julia McKenzie
Hermione Duff - Martina Messing
Nina Blount - Emily Mortimer
Angel - Francesca Murray-Fuentes
Party Guest - Caroline (III) Newman
Angel - Robyn Parton
Nina - Joan Pitt-Chatham
Party Guest - Annette (II) Roche
Party Guest - Annette (II) Roche
Angel - Rose Stachnewska
Imperial Hotel Receptionist - Rebekah Staton
Lady Brown - Imelda Staunton
Kitty - Angela (I) Thorne
Lady Thobbing - Margaret Tyzack
Angel - Sophie Banda
Jean - Kitty Barling
Lady Metroland - Harriet Walter
Party Guest - Anna-Marie Wayne
Party Guest - Natalie Wilcox
Sister Clemency - Sarah (I) Woodward
Agatha - Fenella Woolgar
Party Guest - Tracy Yarkoni
Party Guest - Rachel Brooksby
Mrs. Melrose Ape - Stockard Channing
Angel - Rachel Ann Courtney
Angel - Katrina Damgos
Jane Brown - Lisa Dillon
Angel - Jessica (III) Hill
Mary Moore - Lisa (VI) Jackson
Estate Agent - Mark Gatiss
Father Rothschild - Richard E. (I) Grant
Angry Gentleman - Mark (I) Hardy
Archie - Guy (I) Henry
Race Official - Gerard Horan
Night Editor - Ian (VI) Hughes
Pundit - Nigel Hulme
Arundel Paperboy - James Jackson Ritchie
Basilio - Bruno (I) Lastra
Lord Metroland - Nicholas Le Prevost
Jerry - John Longden
Tommy - Max (IV) MacDonald
Edwards - John Mackle
Foreign Dignitary - Ivan Marevich
Race Steward - Tony Maudsley
Simon Balcairn - James McAvoy
Sneath (Photo-Rat) - Simon McBurney
Party Guest - David (III) McClelland
Gentleman - John (I) Mills
Tiger La Bouch?re - Alec (III) Newman
Lord Monomark - Dan Aykroyd
Jimmy Vanburgh - Alex (I) Barclay
Colonel Blount - Peter (I) O'Toole
Sir James Brown - Bill (I) Paterson
Ambrose - Neville Phillips
Taxi Driver - Nigel Planer
Private - Paul Popplewell
Party Guest - Larry (I) Randall
Customs Officer - Adrian Scarborough
Miles - Michael Sheen
Ginger Littlejohn - David (I) Tennant
Singer in cafe - Bobby (II) Valentino
Hawkes - Charles Vane
Alphonse - Arturo Venegas
Bookie - Alan (II) Williams
Josiah Partridge - Humberston Wright
Upper Class Race Goer - Greg (XIII) Bennett
The Drunken Major - Jim Broadbent
King of Anatolia - Simon Callow
Adam Fenwick-Symes - Stephen Campbell Moore
Henry - Stephen Carlile
Chief Customs Officer - Jim (I) Carter
Ambrose - Emrhys Cooper
Judge - John Franklyn-Robbins
Party Guest - Tom Frederic
Chauffeur - Stephen (I) Fry

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