What are the characters in Broke in China movie

The characters in Broke in China movie are
Minor Role - Mary Mayberry
Ruth - Donald's Sweetheart - Ruth (I) Taylor
Mollie - the Saloon Girl - Alice Belcher
Ruth's Mother - Kathrin Clare Ward
Maud - the Saloon Girl - Louise Carver
Minor Role - Thelma Hill
Photographer - George (I) Gray
Donald's Sailor Buddy - Dan (I) Maines
Proprietor of All Nations Cafe - William (I) McCall
Ruth's Sweetheart - Roger (II) Moore
Croupier - Dave (I) Morris
Smoker with Photographer - Jack (I) Murphy
Military Officer - Irving Bacon
Singer with Toupee - Bud Ross
Wedding Guest - William Searby
Double - Frankie Simonds
Double - George (I) Spear
Minister - Ronald Tilley
Donald Drake - Ben Turpin
Big Chinese Waiter - Tiny Ward
Ruth's Father - Andy (I) Clyde
Man with Photographer - Hubert Diltz

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