What are the characters in Bronson movie

The characters in Bronson movie are
Irene - Kelly (III) Adams
Party Guest - Angela (III) Allen
Additional Background Artist - Gwyn (II) Jones
Boxing Crowd Member - Mandy Kay
Young Man - Holly (I) Lucas
Party Guest/Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Jane McLennan
Alison - Juliet Oldfield
Topless Dancer - Portia (V)
Additional Background Artist - Diane (I) Powell
Crowd Member - Loraine Salvage
Boxing Crowd Member - Shelia Scott-Smith
Topless Dancer - Zoey Sheppard
Boxing Crowd Member - Sofia Smith
Additional Background Artist - Rachel Starer
Additional Background Artist - Emma Streeter
Additional Background Artist - Lucy (I) Ball
Julie - Katy Barker
Crowd Member - Victoria (I) Barker
Party Guest - Cath Bedson
Prison Officer - June Bladon
Loon/Patient - Yvonne Varnier
Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Sonnia Wheatley
Jewellery Shop Assistant 1 - Tracy Wiles
Party Guest - Jill Bowring
Topless Dancer - June Bredon
Charlie's Mum - Amanda (I) Burton
Additional Background Artist - Emma Camm
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Gail Cooke
Barman - Laura Cucu
Train Customer - Carol (III) Cummings
Additional Background Artist - Denise (III) Davenport
Boxing Crowd Member - Jan Deebawk
Train Customer - Denise Felt
Topless Dancer - Amy (VI) Fisher
Party Guest - Kimi Gill
Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Helen (III) Grayson
Train Girl - Anna (I) Griffin
Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Kate Hesketh
Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Leah Hinton-Fishlock
Crowd Member - Esther Jeanes
Boxing Crowd Member - Chris (II) Ainsworth
Prison Officer - Lee Alvey
Traveller - Ade Andrew
Hysterical Screw - Luing Andrews
Shower Con - J. Gains
Prison Officer/Screw - Bob Gale
Loon/Patient - Jack (V) Gavin
Bronson Family Member - Darren Godfrey
Inflatable Crowd Member - Nick (I) Golden
Nurse - A. Gough-Martin
Additional Background Artist - Tony Gough-Martin
Prison Officer/Screw - Alain Greaves
Gangster - Garry (I) Green
Prison Officer/Screw - Michael (XIII) Gregory
Inflatable Crowd Member - Neil (III) Gregory
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Lee (I) Griffiths
Train Customer - Philip Hackley
Boxing Crowd Member - Danny Hansford
Charles Bronson/Michael Peterson - Tom (I) Hardy
Homo Con - E.T. Harry
Boxing Crowd Member - D.L. Hartill
Prison Officer - Alan Hefferon
Shower Con - A. Hendons
Nurse - Chris (XXXIX) Hill
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Richard (I) Hilton
Shower Con - Iain Hines
Screw - R. Hools
Old Con - G.R.L. Horobin
Webber - Jon (I) House
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Mohammed Iftkhar
Crowd Member - Ifty
Loon/Patient/Additional Background Artist - Paul (I) Igoe
Con - Lee Jables
Prison Officr - Alexander Jablonskas
Traveller - Brender Jackson
Prison Officer - David (XLIV) Jackson
Con - John Jennick
Loon/Patient - Richard (LV) Jones
Shower Con - Adam Karimjee
Screw - Martin (II) Kay
Prison Officer - D. Keye
Prison Officer - J. Keye
Paul Daniels - Matt (I) King
Prison Officer - Ian Kitch
Screw - Ian Kitchenham
Loon/Patient - Dan Knower
Additional Background Artist - Daniel (II) Knowles
Inflatable Crowd Member - Spencer Lammy
Phil - James (I) Lance
Prisoner - Barry (IV) Lee
Additional Background Artist - P. Lee
Con - Matt Legg
Additional Background Artist - Dan (III) Leigh
Nurse - Daz Lelah
Headmaster - R.E. Leonard
Passer-By - Andy Loot
Screw - Matt Mathew
Con - Brendan McCoy
Prison Officer - James McIntyne
Prison Officer/Screw - Matthew (II) Meakin
Con - Andy Moffatt
Gangster - Jonathan Morrish
Drag Queen - Eoin Mount
Drag Queen - Andrew Mowbray
Screw - Adam (I) Bacon
Policeman - Nick Baglaly
Shower Con - Paul (II) Baguley
Prisoner - Jimmy Ball
Boxing Crowd Member - Duncan Barber
Prison Officer - Peter Bargh
Con - Shane Barker
Prison Officer - Peter (V) Barry
Additional Background Artist - Tristan Barudon
Prison Officer - David (VIII) Nixon
Gangster - Tony (III) Nixon
Prisoner - Michael (III) Nurse
Prison Officer - Anthony Oddy
Additional Background Artist - David Orange
Shower Con - Darren Pegg
Prison Governor - Jonny Phillips
Loon/Patient - Ian Pickering
Nurse - David Pleasance
Boxing Crowd Member - Julian Plumb
Uncle Jack's Party Guest - Phillip Powel
Andy Love/Friendly Screw - Mark Powley
Additional Background Artist - Allan (III) Price
Prison Officer - Adryan Puicella
Loon/Patient - Martin Ramsay
Party Guest - Raphael (XIV)
Loon/Patient - Simon (I) Ray
Loon/Patient - M. Risdon
Gangster - Wayne (V) Robinson
Prison Officer - Sebastian Rodgers
Additional Background Artist - G. Rooke
Uncle Jack - Hugh (I) Ross
Old Con - Kevin Rutter
Screw - Malcolm Scotten
Boxing Crowd Member - Colin Shakh
Screw - Phillip Sharpe
Screw - Mark Shiran
Prison Officer/Screw - M. Shirra
Con - Zah Siddall
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Terry Silk
Screw - Christopher (XLVI) Smith
Shower Con - Davey (III) Smith
Additional Background Artist - Gordon (XXIX) Smith
Nurse - Jeff Scott Smith
Screw - Steven (XXXI) Smith
Prison Officer - Wez Smith
Additional Background Artist - Steven (II) Spence
Inflatable Crowd Member - Darryl (I) Spencer
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Nik (I) Spencer
Con - Dean Spicksley
Workshop Supervisor - Andrew (V) St. John
Boxing Crowd Member - David Steggles
Prison Officer/Screw - Nick (IV) Stock
Gangster - Mark (I) Stocks
Additional Background Artist - Simon Stook
Gangster - Kas Syed
Con - Chris (XLI) Thompson
Policeman - Colin (VII) Thompson
John White - Joe (I) Tucker
Loon/Patient - Darren (II) Turner
Con - Rick Wake
Additional Background Artist - Andy (III) Walton
Crowd Member - Abigail (I) Webster
Gangster - Matthew (II) Whitaker
Prisoner/Gangster - Gary (XVII) White
Prison Officer - Jason Whiteby
Nurse - Michael (V) Whitehead
Additional Background Artist - David (V) Whiteley
Additional Background Artist - Charlie Whyman
Barman - Daniel (XXI) Wilson
Prison Officer/Screw - Matthew (XII) Bennett
Brian - Edward Bennett-Coles
Loon/Patient - David (V) Benton
Train Customer - Martin (I) Berry
Boxing Crowd Member - Alex Beumer
Prison Officer/Screw - Lee Birkett
Shower Con - Graham (IV) Bishop
Party Guest - J. (II) Blake
Prison Officer - J.H. Bond
Party Guest - Mark (I) Bower
Prison Officer - Peter D. Brammer
Additional Background Artist - Zens Zinnemann
Passer-By - Simon Broadhurst
Prison Officer - Bob Brookes
Headmaster - Neil Broome
Loon/Patient - Gerry (V) Brown
Screw - Gordon (V) Brown
Con - Tonylee Brown
Additional Background Artist - P. Burke
Baby Charlie - Kalron Scott Busuttil
Prison Officer - Roger Camden
Loon/Patient - Frank (VI) Campbell
Nurse - Paul (II) Carty
Shower Con - Philip Catham
Crowd Member - Jason (III) Chambers
Baby Michael - Raphael Cilla
Additional Background Artist - Dan (XI) Clarke
Additional Background Artist - Scott (IV) Clarke
Prison Officer - David (X) Clayton
Additional Background Artist - Dave Clipston
Shower Con - M. Connolly
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Shane Cooke
Boxing Crowd Member/Theatre Crowd Member - Paul Corbitt
Shower Con - Joe (I) Corr
Psychiatric Nurse - Mick Coult
Prison Officer - Sam Cullingworth
Additional Background Artist - Stuart J. Dall
Prison Officer/Screw - Dean (II) Daly
Charles Bronson - Age 13 - William Darke
Policeman - Shaun Darker
Nurse - Ben (II) Dean
Nurse 1 - Mark (I) Devenport
Screw - Paul (IV) Donnelly
Party Guest - Robin (III) Drake
Nurse - Darren Edge
Traveller - Peter (XX) Edwards
Boxing Crowd Member - Tim Ewin
Prison Officer - Simon (IV) Field
Loon/Patient - Terry Fielder
Fish and Chips Shop Manager - Mark (V) Fish
Screw - Les Fitzakly
Gangster - R.F. Florence
Charlie's Dad - Andrew (I) Forbes
Gangster - Leighton Frayne
Gangster - Lindsay Frayne
Prison Officer - Rob (III) Frost

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