What are the characters in Brother Rat and a Baby movie

The characters in Brother Rat and a Baby movie are
Joyce Winfree - Priscilla Lane
Girl in Bus - Mayo Methot
Randolph's Secretary - Sally Sage
Claire Terry - Jane Wyman
Kate - Jane Bryan
Mrs. Harper - Nana Bryant
Mrs. Brooks - Jessie Busley
'Bing' Edwards - Eddie (I) Albert
Cab Driver - Edward Gargan
Commencement - Peter B. Good
Second Doctor - William (I) Gould
Courtroom Extra - Eddie (I) Graham
Judge - John (I) Hamilton
Hotel Desk Clerk - John Harron
Sterling Randolph - Paul (I) Harvey
Cadet in Trouble - Alan (I) Ladd
Western Union Boy - Douglas Meins
Lieutenant - Carlyle Moore Jr.
Billy Randolph - Wayne (I) Morris
Hospital Official - Irving Bacon
First Doctor - Granville Bates
Major Terry - Moroni Olsen
Airplane Captain - Ted (I) Osborne
Dan Crawford - Ronald (I) Reagan
Man Watching Fire - Cliff Saum
El Mecca Club Waiter - Jeffrey Sayre
El Mecca Club Headwaiter - George Sorel
Garage Man with Invoice - Elliott Sullivan
Snelling - Arthur Treacher
Steamship Clerk - Emmett Vogan
Expressman - Billy Wayne
Harley Harrington - Larry (III) Williams
Talking Cadet in Trouble - Dave Willock
First Bellboy - Claude Wisberg
Police Captain - Wade Boteler
Boy with News of Baby - Tommy Bupp
Courtroom Extra - Glen Cavender
Bus Driver - Eddy Chandler
Mr. Harper - Berton Churchill
Police Captain - Cliff (I) Clark
Cadet in Trouble - Richard (I) Clayton
Second Bellboy - Michael (I) Conroy
Radio Announcer - John (II) Deering
Pawnbroker - John Dilson

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