What are the characters in Burke and Hare movie

The characters in Burke and Hare movie are
Lucy - Jenny Agutter
Emma - Georgia (I) King
Hannah - Shelley Longworth
Mary - Pollyanna McIntosh
French Family - Mich�le Ray-Gavras
French Family - Mich�le Ray-Gavras
Barmaid - Ella (II) Smith
Nicephore's Girlfriend - Esme Thompson
Market Woman - Rebeka Venters
Old Woman - Janet Whiteside
Macbeth Girl - Michelle (III) Brooks
Nicola - Amanda Claire-Jones
Mad Maggie - Gabrielle Downey
Ginny Hawkins - Isla Fisher
Mrs. John Martin - Patricia Gibson-Howell
Mrs. McFie - Joyce Henderson
Lucky - Jessica Hynes
Street child - Kerry Ingram
Ticket Tout - Stuart (I) Adams
French Family - Romain Gavras
Distinguished Doctor - John (II) Gaynor
Aggrieved Customer - Mike Goodenough
Highland Soldier - Darren Hammock
French Family - Emmanuel (II) Hamon
French Family - Theo Hamon
Distinguished Doctor - Ray Harryhausen
Danny McTavish - David (I) Hayman
Marquee Erector - Kev Hill
Medical Student - Charli Janeway
Private Fox - Ciaron (I) Kelly
Handsome Coachman - Max Landis
Medical Student - Jamie Langlands
Old Joseph - Christopher (I) Lee
Posterman - Bob Lowey
Oyster Trader - Johnny Lynch
Medical Student - Tom Machell
Stage hand - Chris Mansfield
The Boil Man - Ken (III) Matthews
Magistrate - Stuart McQuarrie
Samuel Coleridge - Tom Meeten
Holyrood Footman - Stephen Merchant
Medical Student - Henry Monk
Reporter - Nick Moorcroft
Distinguished Doctor - Alan Munroe
Thug #1 - Gu�mundur Au�unsson
Hangman - Bill (I) Bailey
Tanner - Pete Noakes
Hamish - Spencer Noll
John Martin - Christopher Obi
Distinguished Doctor - Robert Paynter
William Burke - Simon Pegg
Doctor - Gino Picciano
Doctor Lister - George (II) Potts
Tavern Drinker - Paul Redfern
Rabble Rouser - Billy Riddoch
Fergus - David (I) Schofield
Himself - Seamus (II)
William Hare - Andy Serkis
Barman - Nick (I) Shaw
Sergeant Mackenzie - Reece Shearsmith
Patterson - Michael Smiley
Medical Student - Adam (XVI) Smith
Policeman - Mark (LV) Smith
McMartin's Doorman - Steve Speirs
Miss Clarissa Windsor - Robert (IX) Stone
Heart attack man - Tom Urie
Gentleman Drunk - Paul (I) Whitehouse
Doctor Robert Knox - Tom (I) Wilkinson
Gravediggers' Bouncer - Robert Willox
Distinguished Doctor - Michael (III) Wilson
Gentlemen Passenger - Michael Winner
Lord Provost - John Woodvine
Man in Tavern - Paul Bergquist
Medical Student - Michael (IV) Billington
Lord Harrington - Hugh Bonneville
Charles - Christian Brassington
Cowboy - Christian (II) Carroll
Captain Tam McLintoch - Ronnie Corbett
Nicephore - Allan Corduner
French Family - Costa-Gavras
Doctor - Gioacchino Jim Cuffaro
Doctor Monro - Tim (I) Curry
Patient - Paul (XIII) Davis
Medical Student - Joseph Dewey
Greyfriars Bobby - Dodger
Attendant - Duncan (I) Duff
Hollyrood Courtier - Jacob (I) Edwards
William Wordsworth - Simon Farnaby
Old Donald - Robert (I) Fyfe

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