What are the characters in Burned movie

The characters in Burned movie are
Monica Wilson - Bianca LaVerne Jones
Party Guest - Michelle (IV) King
Belly Dancer 1 - Kattie Kingsley
Selina - Carolyn S. Lang
Party Girl #1 - Anita (II) Lopez
Receptionist - Chrystal Masters
Maria - Rina Mehta
Lila - Maika Monroe
Julie - Meredith Monroe
Donna - Saba Mwine
Belly Dancer A - Yune Nielsen
Maureen - Kimberly O'Dell
Kayla - Anehita Okojie
Kim - Tamika (I) Parrish
Allison - Natalie St. Peter
Guest Appearance - Suzie Pollard
Party Guest - Barbara (VI) Russell
Elaine Foley - Julie (II) Sachs
Ringer - Karla Saldana
Seducer - Sandra (I) Sanchez
Sharpay - Tasha (II) Smith
Christine Foley - Katy Stoll
Woman Drinking Coffee - Tracie Tyler
Woman Buying Coffee - Sarah Jessica Bennett
Uniform Officer - Tricia Wadell
Det. Jackson - Sharon Marie Wright
Collective Sip - Tabitha Yates
Hands Lifting Cup - Lori (II) Young
Seducer - Sheena Chou
Woman - Cyndi Coyne
Collective Sip - Isabel Di Pirro
Rebecca - Meagan Flynn
Improviser - Host - Erica Fortes
Herself - Host (2003) - Jessica (II) Hall
Party Girl #2 - Jessica Haro-Predes
Party Guest - Martha Hoffman
Deanna - Marilyn (VI) Johnson
The Agent - Ian Gallimore
Man Smelling Coffee - Marcus (III) Godfrey
Daniel - Micah (III) Hauptman
Henry Stephens - Nick Horsfield
Little Boy - Elijah King Esq.
Jason - Beau Knapp
Barista - Tommy Koponen
Detective - Kevin M. (I) Kraft
Ringer - Kenzo Lee
Scott - Derrol Murphy
Party Guy - Andre Myers
Colonel Drake - Allen Perada
Captain Holloway - Eric (I) Roberts
Dr. Michaels - Elijah Rock
Jack - Timothy B. Rowe
Burned (2003) - Julian (I) Salazar
Himself - Sebastian Sciotti
Man Getting Bumped - Nate Shye
Antione - Ayo Sorrells
Bruce - Tim Terlouw
Mr. Fishman - Alex Berenyi
Roger Foley - Robert Brill
Woman of Infinite Beauty - Brandi Buday
Det. Ward - Bryan Busby
Federico James - Josef Cannon
Douchebag - Manuel Carter
Agent - Joseph Caston
Collective Sip - Gary Ciampi
Sergeant Anderson - Carlos Ciurlizza
Randall - Chaz Close
Det. Stone - Daniel Compo
Captain Holloway - Ryan Estes

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