What are the characters in Calle 54 movie

The characters in Calle 54 movie are
Herself - Eliane (I) Elias
Bongos - Joe (IV) Gonzales
Himself - Jerry Gonz�lez
Congas - Rolando Guerrero
Trumpet - Matt Hilgenberg
Bass Trombone - Jack Jeffers
Alto Saxophone - Marshall (I) McDonald
Tenor Saxophone - Mike Migliore
Trumpet - Mike (II) Mossman
Himself - Gato Barbieri
Piano - Arturo O'Farrill
Piano - Chico O'Farrill
Trumpet - Joe (III) Owens
Alto Saxophone - Richard (IX) Perry
Himself - Tito Puente
Himself - Orlando 'Puntilla' R�os
Baritone Saxophone - Maximilian Schweiger
Trumpet - Jim (II) Seeley
Trombone - Rick Stepton
Piano - Bebo Vald�s
Himself - Carlos 'Patato' Vald�s
Himself - Chucho Vald�s
Trombone - Papo Vasquez
Tenor Saxophone - Peter Brainin
Trombone - Sam Burtis
Bass - Cachao
Himself - Michel Camilo
Himself - Paquito D'Rivera
Himself - Chano Dom�nguez

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