What are the characters in Candidate for Murder movie

The characters in Candidate for Murder movie are
Party Guest - Gabriella Licudi
Bit part - Odette Nash
Bit part - Norma Parnell
Helene Edwards - Erika Remberg
Helene Edwards - Erika Remberg
Jacqueline - Anneke Wills
Betty Conlon - Vanda Godsell
Bit part - Pamela Greer
Donald Edwards - Michael (I) Gough
Bit part - Mike (XV) Hall
Robert Vaughan - John Justin
Bit part - Robin (I) Phillips
Chauffeur - Ray (I) Smith
Kersten - Hans von Borsody
Police Inspector - Jerold (I) Wells
Phillips - Paul Whitsun-Jones
Bit part - Richard Bidlake
Barman - Victor Charrington

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