What are the characters in Carry on Abroad movie

The characters in Carry on Abroad movie are
Madame Fifi - Olga Lowe
Miss Dobbs - Patsy Rowlands
Cora Flange - Joan (I) Sims
Mrs. Tuttle - Amelia Bayntun
Evelyn Blunt - June Whitfield
Sadie Tomkins - Barbara Windsor
Lily - Sally Geeson
Moira Plunkett - Gail Grainger
Marge - Carol (I) Hawkins
Floella - Hattie Jacques
Monk - Tony (XI) Allen
Eustace Tuttle - Charles (I) Hawtrey
Vic Flange - Sidney (II) James
Nicholas - David Kernan
Postcard Seller - Gertan Klauber
Bert Conway - James (I) Logan
Stall-Holder - Brian (I) Osborne
Monk - Gerald Paris
Monk - Michael (IX) Stevens
Stuart Farquhar - Kenneth (I) Williams
Brother Bernard - Bernard Bresslaw
Georgio - Ray (II) Brooks
Pepe - Peter (I) Butterworth
Robin - John (I) Clive
Stanley Blunt - Kenneth (I) Connor
Police Chief - Alan (II) Curtis
Harry - Jack (I) Douglas
Monk - Harry (I) Fielder
Brother Martin - Derek Francis
Jailer - Hugh Futcher

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