What are the characters in Catechism movie

The characters in Catechism movie are
Danielle - Candice-May Langlois
Catechism Class Girl #3 - Shadaye McLeod
Young Danielle - Livia Mortison
Amy - Melanie Oh
Danielle's Mom - Pamela Palsat
Catechism Teacher - Jackie Blackmore
Party People - Stephanie (XI) Williams
Janine - Friend #2 - Aileen Yoon
Catechism Class Girl #1 - Eliana Calogiros
Vanessa - Friend #1 - Phyllis (I) Ho
Catechism Class Girl #2 - Ryan Illes
Dave - Brendon Halcrow
Party People - Dylan Innes
Adam - Geoff Manton
Cute Church Boy #1 - David (XV) McDonald
Ajax - Thomas (IV) Roy
Cute Church Boy #3 - Graham Talbot
Cute Church Boy #2 - Nelson Talbot
Catholic Priest - Richard (I) Toews
Catechism Class Boy - Eric (IX) Clark
Party People - Kiefer Doerksen

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