What are the characters in Cemetery Temple movie

The characters in Cemetery Temple movie are
Party Guest - Catherine Lawrence (I) Kinslow
Sarah the Drunk - Anna Medley
Zombie - Rebecca (V) Sanders
Jess - Sarah Jane Sanders
Britt - Catherine (II) Schindler
Little Zombie - Chloe Brooke Suarez
Stoned Party Man - Derek (I) Huey
Party Guest - Wallace (IV) Jones
Lead Zombie/Supporting - Chester (I) Miller
Soldier/Zombie - Nicholas Wininger
Neighborhood Watch #3 - Nick W. Nicholson
Sam - Steven Paredes
Neighborhood Watch #1 - Troy (II) Parker
Zombie/Party Goer - Richard Blake Suarez
Neighborhood Watch #2 - Larry Wade Carrell
Alex - Elvis Clark
Zombie/Party Goer - John Dalbosco
Zombie - Jacob Estrada

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