What are the characters in Chaindance movie

The characters in Chaindance movie are
Ginger - Tamsin Kelsey
Nurse Butcher - Sheila (I) Moore
Loni - Janne Mortil
Angie - Sheila Paterson
Nurse #2 - Suzanne Ristic
Nurse #2 - Suzanne Ristic
Ilene Curtis - Rae Dawn Chong
Resident in Cafeteria - Janet Hodgkinson
James - Scott (I) Andersen
Casey - Bruce (I) Glover
Policeman outside Bar - Deryl Hayes
J.T. Blake - Michael Ironside
Black Lady - Michael A. (I) Jackson
Guard #2 - Lee Jeffery
Guard #1 - Peter LaCroix
Attendant - Michael (I) Langlois
Morris - Brent Lloyd
Officer in Hotel - Steve Makaj
Porter - Stephen E. (I) Miller
Casey's Resident - Dennis (II) Petersen
Dominic - Randy Piskorik
Warden Slade - Ken Pogue
Ambulance Attendant - Peter G. Prongos
Greason - R. Nelson Brown
Topper - Norman Browning
Willy - Leslie Carlson
Mitch - Bill Croft
Sergeant - Don S. (I) Davis
Saratoga Bar Band - Jack Lavin And The Demons
Johnny - Brad Dourif
Eric - Russell Ferrier

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