What are the characters in Chappie movie

The characters in Chappie movie are
Field Reporter - Chan Marti
BMW Driver - Anneli Muller
VSN News Desk Reporter - Thami Ngubeni
Yolandi - Yo-Landi Visser
Tetravaal Office Assistant - Andea Volschenk
Michelle Bradley - Sigourney Weaver
Field Reporter - Vuyelwa Booi
Psychologist - Miranda Frigon
VSN News Desk Reporter - Arran Henn
TV Reporter - Alison Hillstead
Office Worker - Edwin Gagiano
Gang Member - Shaheed Hajee
Merc - Paul Hampshire
Merc - Dan Hirst
Police Commissioner - Robert (II) Hobbs
Vincent Moore - Hugh Jackman
King - Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Cameraman - Andrzej Lebek
Professor - Bill Marchant
Gang Member - Sherldon Marema
Armored Truck Guard - Wandile Molebatsi
Hippo - Brandon Auret
Ninja - Ninja (V)
Interviewer - Kevin Otto
Deon Wilson - Dev Patel
Hippo's Thug - Max Poolman
Police Officer - Janus Prinsloo
Tetravaal Mechanic - Alistair Prodgers
Hacker - Sean O. Roberts
Pitbull - Johnny Selema
Journalist - Chris (X) Shields
Nissan Driver - Kendal Watt
Gang Member - Mark K. Xulu
Police Officer - Anthony (III) Bishop
Gun Store Owner - James Bitonti
Police Officer - Mike Blomkamp
Yankie (Amerika) - Jose Pablo Cantillo
Police Chief - Maurice Carpede
Himself - Anderson Cooper
Tetravaal Lead Mechanic - Jason (I) Cope
Chappie - Sharlto Copley
Mercedes Benz Driver - David Davadoss
Special Forces Soldier - Hein (I) De Vries
Police Robots - Paul (V) Dobson
Tech - Graeme Duffy

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