What are the characters in Cinemanovels movie

The characters in Cinemanovels movie are
Jeanine - Michelle (VIII) Kim
Young Sophie - Catherine (II) Michaud
Woman by the Phone - Cynthia Potvin
Sophie - Gabrielle Rose
Sophie - Gabrielle Rose
Grace - Lauren Lee Smith
Across the Street Woman - Andrea Stefancikova
Clementine - Jennifer Beals
Married Woman - Andr�a Vawda
Realtor - Erica Carroll
Angie - Kristine Cofsky
Nurse - Cheryln Cortes
Julia - Sarah (IV) Grey
Charlotte - Katharine Isabelle
Man in the Clock Tower - Mark Ghanim�
Cornelius Cole - Geoff Gustafson
Dr. Evans - Viv Leacock
Man in Kitchen - Adam Lolacher
Man with Gun - Casey Manderson
Bow & Arrow Man - Johnny Barratt
Sebastian Todd - Wesley (I) Salter
Usher - Joel Sturrock
Adam - Kett Turton
Charles - Jerry Wasserman
Realtor - Daniel Boileau
Parking Cop - Chad (I) Coleman
Ben - Ben (I) Cotton
Across the Street Man - Brad Dryborough

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