What are the characters in City Girl movie

The characters in City Girl movie are
Student - Carol (II) Adams
Vivian Ross - Adrienne Ames
Ira - Rosanne Katon
Girl on train - Helen (I) Lynch
Party Guest - Linda MacEwen
Mrs. Ward - Marjorie Main
Gracie - Carole McGill
Young Girl - Patsy Mitchell
Flo Nichols - Esther Muir
Tina - Erin Noble
Girl in Cafe - Gloria (I) Roy
Waitress - Trixie Schink
Marie Tustine - Anne Shirley
Waitress - Lynn Bari
Monica - Geraldine Baron
Waitress (silent version) - Marjorie Beebe
Lem's mother - Edith Yorke
Ellen Ward - Phyllis Brooks
Rose - Colleen (I) Camp
Kate - Mary (I) Duncan
Sugar - Janice (I) Green
Anne - Laura (I) Harrington
Gwen - Shelley (I) Hoffman
Woman Fighter - Anne Holloway
Mac - Richard (I) Alexander
Bookie - Jack Gargan
Man in Hotel - Eugene Robert Glazer
Chaney's Aide - Harold (I) Goodwin
(silent version) - Harry Gripp
Hungry reaper - Mark (I) Hamilton
Bookie - Eddie Hart
Doctor's Assistant - Milton Kibbee
(silent version) - Werner Klingler
Dr. Abbott - Charles (I) Lane
Manager - Guy Lefebvre
(silent version) - Harry (I) Leonard
Taxi driver - Ivan Linow
Greenleaf - Robert Lowery
Cafe patron - Arnold Lucy
Steve - George (I) Lynn
Plainclothesman - George Magrill
Gangster - Eddie Marr
Joey - Joe (I) Mastroianni
New York Artist - Bruce McFee
Matey - Tom (I) McGuire
Bookie - King Mojave
Gas Station Attendant - William (I) Newell
Reaper - Roscoe Ates
Porter - Irving Bacon
Radio Commentator - Carroll Nye
Reaper - Jack Pennick
Sgt. Farrell - Lee (I) Phelps
The stripper - Lawrence K. Philips
Elevator Operator - George (I) Reed
Tim - Peter Riegert
Cigar Stand Proprietor - Cyril Ring
(silent version) - David (I) Rollins
Butch - Patrick (I) Rooney
Artist - Peter Schuyff
Policeman - Lee Shumway
Ralph Chaney - Paul (II) Stanton
(silent version) - William Sundholm
Gangster - Richard (IV) Terry
Lem's father - David Torrence
Pierson - Charles (I) Trowbridge
Policeman in Phone Booth - Emmett Vogan
Blake's Valet - Ben Welden
Donald Sanford - Robert (I) Wilcox
Reaper - Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Leader - Norman (I) Willis
Gangster in Phone Booth - Harry (I) Worth
Pete - Brooks Benedict
Police Radio Announcer - Wade Boteler
Reaper - Ed (III) Brady
Cafe patron (silent version) - Joe (III) Brown
Steve - James (I) Carrington
Mike Harrison - Chick Chandler
Gangster - Lon Chaney Jr.
Customer - Chick Collins
Cook - Heinie Conklin
Charles Blake - Ricardo (I) Cortez
Detective Lieutenant - Edgar Dearing
Alan (Anne's Agent) - Charles (I) Dennis
Mac, Policeman - Ralph Dunn
Lem Tustine - Charles (I) Farrell
Ritchie - Douglas Fowley

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