What are the characters in City Lights movie

The characters in City Lights movie are
Club Goer 3 - Nicola Augustine
Etta - Iris Karina
Woman - Heidi (I) Keller
The Blind Girl's Grandmother - Florence (II) Lee
Brina - Claudia McLain
Clerk - Helen Millar
Chase - Miriam (I) Morales
Cleaner - Chyna Neufville
Club Goer 2 - Tzena (I) Nicole
Beverly - Susan Nisbet
DC Karen Hutchinson - Caroline (I) O'Neill
Tamara - Rachel Ogilvy
Extra in Street Scene - Margaret (I) Oliver
Rakhee - Patralekhaa
Extra in Restaurant Scene - Mrs. Pope
Pauline - Sian Reeves
Herself - Host (2005) - Chelsey (I) Reist
Pauline - Sian Reeves
Herself - Host (2005) - Chelsey (I) Reist
Karen - Ali (I) Ryan
Irene - Elaine C. Smith
Jackie - Nicola (I) Stephenson
Barista - Anna Stopinska
Herself - Linda Thorson
Cleaner - Esrah Ugurlu
Sonali - Khushboo Upadhyay
Herself - Host - Shauna (I) Baker
Vicki - Louise Beattie
Amita - Sheena Bhattessa
Herself - Honor Blackman
Woman at Center of Table in Restaurant - Betty Blair
Phylicia - Crystal T. (I) Williams
Mrs. Melvin - Jan (I) Wilson
Woman Who Sits on Cigar - Florence Wix
Fiona (1990-1991) - Ann Bryson
Extra in Restaurant Scene - Jeanne Carpenter
A Blind Girl - Virginia Cherrill
Brooke Armstrong/Sarah Shearer - Linzey (I) Cocker
Club Goer 1 - Lenor� Coer
Janice (1988-1989) - Elaine (I) Collins
Dancer - Marie (I) Cooper
Herself - Sandy (I) Dennis
Pandora - Amalie Fjeldmose
Woman at Left of Table in Restaurant - Mrs. Garcia
Shaina - Natalie Grigoriadou
Extra in Restaurant Scene - Jean (I) Harlow
Flower Shop Assistant - Mrs. Hyams
Big Mark - Murray (I) Adams
Extra in Boxing Scene - Jack (III) Alexander
Doctor - T.S. Alexander
Superstitious Boxer - Victor (IV) Alexander
Mr. McLelland - Dave (V) Anderson
The Millionaire's Butler - Al Ernest Garcia
DS Gary Tate - Nicholas Gleaves
Sachin - Mallhar Goenka
Extra in Street Scene - Milton Gowman
Police Officer - Robert (I) Graves
Chancer - Andy (IV) Gray
Colin - Robson Green
Extra in Street Scene - Charles (I) Hammond
Little Mark - Ronald Haynie
Extra in Boxing Scene - Ad Herman
Extra in Boxing Scene - Joseph Herrick
D.I Andy Mellville - Robert Horwell
Newsboy - Austen Jewell
Ricky - Terron Jones
Boxer - Willie Keeler
Willie Melvin - Gerard (I) Kelly
Caf? Patron - Tomasz (VIII) Kowalski
Extra in Boxing Scene - A.B. Lane
Brian - Brian Linehan
Interviewer - Brian Linehan
Thug - Karl W. Lohninger
Keith - Keef Louda
Detective Collin Foster - Shawn Luckey
A Prizefighter - Hank (I) Mann
Eddie Mason - Boxer - Eddie McAuliffe
Tam - Iain McColl
Dr. Shepherd - Ian (I) McCulloch
Book Manager - David McKail
Mr.Goole - Gerard Murgrew
An Eccentric Millionaire - Harry (I) Myers
Street Sweeper/Burglar - Albert Austin
Cop - Harry Ayers
Boxing Fight Referee - Eddie (I) Baker
Kay - John (XIV) Banks
Captain Reese - Bill (VIII) Barry
Michel - Femi Oyeniran
Newsboy - Robert (I) Parrish
Francis Leaman - Tony (I) Pritchard
Lou - Kingslee Purcell
Tramp Who Dives for Cigar - John (I) Rand
Deepak Singh - Rajkummar Rao
Jayesh bhai - Vinod Rawat
Sculptor - Granville Redmond
Glasgow Transport Museum Official - Ralph Riach
Leyton Armstrong Harry Shearer - Alex Rimmer
Leyton Armstrong/Harry Shearer - Alex Rimmer
Man Who Throws Away Cigar - W.C. Robinson
Detective Chris Ramiraz - Alan R. Rodriguez
Young Man - James (II) Sheldon
Cleaner - Aj (II) Singh
Extra in Boxing Scene - Cy Slocum
Victorious Boxer - Later Knocked Out - Tony Stabenau
Man in Restaurant - Mark (I) Strong
Tall Man at Party - Jack (I) Sutherland
Mr - Youd - Bill (III) Thomas
Cleaner - Carey Thring
Burglar - Joe Van Meter
Second - Emmett Wagner
Man in Elevator in Front of the Art Shop - Tiny Ward
Brian - Jonathan (I) Watson
Distinguished Gentleman in Cafe - Stanhope Wheatcroft
Policeman - Andrew Whipp
Officer Parker - Al (XII) Williams
Police Officer - Chris (XXIX) Wilson
Officer Williams - Bryant Wingfield
Liam Armstrong/Robbie Shearer - Lee Worswick
Policeman - Benny (I) Young
Howie - Mark Benton
Mayor/Blind Girl's Downstairs Neighbor - Henry (I) Bergman
J-Mack - Darik Bernard
Ghoul - John Bett
C.I.D Agent - Dave Bignell
Minister - Peter (I) Blake
Detective 1 - Bernard Bosio
Bald Party Guest - Buster Brodie
A Tramp - Charles Chaplin
Eric - Keith Clifford
The Dosser - Billy (I) Connolly
Cleaner - Muhammad Danyaro
Boxer - Tom (II) Dempsey
Himself - Charles (I) Dennis
Man in Mix-Up with Coat and Hat - Peter Diego
Shuggie McGlinchey - Ron Donachie
Steet Sweepers' Foreman - James (I) Donnelly
Newsboy - Ray Erlenborn

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