What are the characters in Coming-Out Party movie

The characters in Coming-Out Party movie are
Party Guest - Mae Madison
Suzanne - Anne (I) Nagel
Party Guest - Helen (I) Peterson
Debutante, Ann Waring - Gwen (II) Phillips
Nora, the Maid - Jessie (I) Ralph
Nora, the Maid - Jessie (I) Ralph
Party Guest - Jeanne Ruwe
Party Guest - Patricia (VII) Scott
Miss Gertrude Vanderdoe - Alison Skipworth
Party Guest - Consuelo Baker
Party Guest - Lynn Bari
Party Guest - Finis Barton
Party Guest - Mary (I) Blackwood
Gold's Secretary - Gladys Blake
Dowager - Belle Daube
Louise - Germaine De Neel
Joyce 'Joy' Stanhope - Frances (I) Dee
Mrs. Winfield - Claire Du Brey
Party Guest - Betty Flournoy
Mrs. Ada Stanhope - Marjorie Gateson
Party Guest - Jennifer (I) Gray
Party Crasher - John Arledge
Tubby, Party Guest - Sumner Getchell
Party Guest - Maury Ginn Jr.
Singer - Jimmy (II) Grant
Harry Gold - Harry (I) Green
Cameraman - Sherry (I) Hall
Cop - Pat (I) Hartigan
Party Guest - William (I) Henry
Doorman - Harry Hollingsworth
Dancer - Shep Houghton
Reporter - Fred (I) Howard
Umberto, Captain of Waiters at Aladdin's Lamp - George Humbert
Chauffeur - Jerry (I) Jerome
Stanhope's Attorney - Claude (I) King
Party Guest - William C. Lawrence
Clerk in Tiffany's - Paul McVey
Waiter - Tony (I) Merlo
Mr. Greenvalley - Harold Minjir
Party Crasher - Carlyle Moore Jr.
Minor Role - Frank (I) Moran
O'Hara, Irish Detective - William Augustin
Briggs, Captain of Detectives - Arthur Belasco
Party Guest - Edward Norris
Party Guest - Dave (I) O'Brien
Stanhope Servant - William H. O'Brien
Second Butler - Vesey O'Davoren
Party Guest - Dennis (I) O'Keefe
Manager - Paul Porcasi
Chris Hansen - Gene Raymond
Party Guest - Kane Richmond
Party Guest - John Ruwe
Jewish Detective - Jack Trainor
Jimmy Wolverton - Phillip Trent
Party Guest - Dale Van Sickel
Charlie - Lyman Williams
Delivery Man - Harry (I) Wilson
Waiter at Aladdin's Lamp - George Beranger
French Food Caterer - Eugene Borden
Troon, the Butler - Nigel Bruce
Frenchman - Jean De Briac
Herbert Emerson Stanhope - Gilbert (I) Emery

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