What are the characters in Convicts movie

The characters in Convicts movie are
Lena - Carol Sutton
Martha Johnson - Starletta DuPois
Asa - Carlin Glynn
Horace Robedaux - Lukas (I) Haas
Convict #1 - Duriel (I) Harris
Convict #2 - Otis Jenkins
Ben Johnson - James Earl Jones
Leroy - Calvin Levels
Guard #1 - John (I) McConnell
Convict 1 - Robert (I) Michalski
Sherman Edwards - Lance E. Nichols
Convict 2 - Eddie (V) Ramirez
Guard #3 - Martin F. Schacker
Billy - Gary (I) Swanson
Jackson - Mel Winkler
Guard #2 - Jerry Biggs
Singing Convict - Walter Breaux Jr.
Cobb - Joe 'Cool' Davis
Soll Gautier - Robert Duvall
Overseer - Bob Edmundson
Sheriff - Tony (I) Frank

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