What are the characters in Crook movie

The characters in Crook movie are
Daughter in Cafe - Megan Keys
Girl in Cafe - Paige Keys
Naomi - Alexis Maitland
CSI Callaghan - Krista Morin
Roxanne - Jennilee Murray
Kirsten - Susan Seely
Roger's Mother - Barbara Birnie
Accountant - Cinthia Burke
Tricky - Leah (I) Gibson
Christina Keys - Cassie Jaye
Cameron's Associate #1 - Andre Givogue
Rogue - Scott (II) Hammer
Roger Phelps - Bill (VIII) Hoffman
Father in Cafe - Mark (II) Keys
COP/S.W.A.T. #1 - Douglas Kidd
Johnny Ho - Henry Kwok
Andreas - Dennis Lafond
Detective Miller - Bill Lake
Cameron's Associate #2 - Daniel Lavigne
Bouncer - Pavel Lubanski
Holt - Nathan (I) Marlow
Danny Westerbrook - Joe (I) Marques
Pretty Boy - Jon McLaren
COP/S.W.A.T. #4 - Duncan Milloy
Bet Man - Kenny (I) B.
Bryce - Adam Beach
Carlos - Lee Beaudin
Bouncer - Donald M. Osborne
FBI Agent - Greg Osbourne
Disco Guy - Rob (II) Reeves
Tony DeLuca - Luigi Saracino
Crime Scene Unit - Vincent Scattolon
Man in Bathroom - Said Searag
Bet Man - Daniel (III) Simpson
COP/S.W.A.T. #2 - Jeff (XIII) Simpson
Cameron Hayes - Mark Slacke
Max - Matthew Stefiuk
Scott - Richard Roy Sutton
Councilman - Sean (I) Tucker
Kevin - Jon Welch
Jack - Gregory (XI) Wilson
Dove - Christopher (II) Wyllie
H.R. Haldeman - Dennis Bress
William Weaver - Guy Buller
S.W.A.T. #5 - Andrew (XLIII) Campbell
COP/S.W.A.T. #3 - Dan Danis
Lt. Ferguson - Larry (I) Day
Valet - Brennan Delaney
Bum - Charlie Ebbs
Real Estate Lady - Luci Eisen
Fritz - Tim Finnigan
Deep Throat - Michael Flower

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