What are the characters in Cry of the Banshee movie

The characters in Cry of the Banshee movie are
Party Guest - Joyce Mandre
Villager - Nancy Meckler
Maid - Pamela Moiseiwitsch
Maggie - witch - Quinn O'Hara
Michelle - Vayda Paluck
Lady Patricia Whitman - Essy Persson
Bess - Jan Rossini
Villager - Maya Roth
Villager - Dinah Stabb
Elga - Ann Barrass
Oona - Elisabeth Bergner
Aunt Kathy - Barbara Weetman
Villager - Rowan Wylie
Bartender - Maaike Brandis
Naked Girl - Jane Deady
Girl - Carol Desmond
Margaret Donald (witch) - Victoria (I) Fairbrother
Sarah - Sally Geeson
Maureen Whitman - Hilary Heath
Villager - Philippa Howell
Mickey - Hugh (I) Griffith
Party Guest - Robert (I) Hutton
Head Villager - Godfrey James
Villager - Neil (I) Johnston
Father Tom - Marshall (I) Jones
Tavern Keeper - Gertan Klauber
Hooded bar patron - Dustin (I) Lewis
Villager - Terry (VII) Martin
Todd - Langley McArol
Bully Boy - Andrew (I) McCulloch
Dead Father - Devin McGee
Roderick - Patrick Mower
Rider - Micky Baker
Pallbearer - George (I) Oliver
Dan - Nate (I) Panning
Villager - Guy (I) Pierce
Villager - Hugh Portnow
Lord Edward Whitman - Vincent (I) Price
Villager - Stephen (I) Rea
Harry Whitman - Carl Rigg
Young Kathy - Kristin Ruffin
Villager - Ron Sahewk
Apprentice - Louis Selwyn
Villager - Tony Sibbald
Party Guest - John (IV) Tatum
Villager - Tim (I) Thomas
Pall Bearer - Fred (I) Wood
Brander - Peter (I) Benson
Sean Whitman - Stephan Chase
Villager - Maurice (II) Colbourne
Party Guest - Guy Deghy
Burke - Michael (I) Elphick
Timothy - Richard Everett
Militia Man - Harry (I) Fielder

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