What are the characters in Cyborg 2087 movie

The characters in Cyborg 2087 movie are
Laura Zellar - Sherry Alberoni
Woman in Control Booth - Jo Ann Pflug
Jill - Betty Jane Royale
Dr. Sharon Mason - Karen (I) Steele
Citizen in Crowd - Ruth (I) Foster
Andrew's Wife - JoAnne Gaylord
Rick - Jimmy Hibbard
Harry, Communications Officer - Harry (I) Hollins
Uncle Pete - Chubby Johnson
Tall Station Attendant - James (I) Kline
Sam Gilmore - Tyler MacDuff
Tracer #2 - Troy Melton
Mr. Simmmons - Byron Morrow
Skinny - John (II) Beck
Garth A7 - Michael (I) Rennie
Deputy Dan - Adam Roarke
Gate Guard - Ted (I) Ryan
Dr. Carl Zellar - Warren Stevens
Tracer #1 - Dale Van Sickel
Jay C - Harry Carey Jr.
Sheriff - Wendell Corey
Man In Control Booth - Larry (II) Dean
Andrew - Charles (IV) Evans
Short Station Attendant - George (III) Fisher
Prof. Sigmund Marx - Eduard Franz

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