What are the characters in D.O.A movie

The characters in D.O.A movie are
Goth Girl - Finn (I) Atkins
Audience Member - Kris (I) Keppeler
Lucy Carrington - Catherine Shepherd
Julie Wade - Karen (V) Taylor
Audience Member - Tabitha (I) Bastien
Clive's Wife - Pauline Daniels
Sharon Selby - Kerrie (I) Hayes
The Rat - Richard (IV) Glover
Audience Member - Daniel (VI) Goodwin
Priest - Simon Greenall
Gabe - Gabriel (I) Hamilton
Audience Member - Allison Ilsley
Audience Member - Justus Jessen
T.V. Host - Jesse Lee Keeter
Tom Lassiter - Kris Marshall
Audience Member - Charles McDonell
Audience Member - Michael Montoure
Audience Member - Loren (II) Myers
Audience Member - Mikiech Nichols
Drug Dealer - Ashley Bagwell
Luke Chambers - Tom (VI) Price
Audience Member - Joel Quey
Brian Selby - James (II) Quinn
Victims Father - Greg Schweers
Audience Member - Sonya (III) Scott
Audience Member - Gabriel Sedgemore
Audience Member - David (XXI) Sherman
Bandages - Daniel Lawrence Taylor
Senior Consultant - Greg Wagland
Danny - Robert Wilfort
Audience Member - Taylor (III) Wright
Terrence Mowbury - Lee Boardman
Audience Member - Jordan Zodrow
Clive - John Branwell
Rob Krizzo - Cavan (I) Clerkin
Killer - Mike Clinard
Audience Member - Zach (II) Daniels
Audience Member - Tames Dottung
Zombie - Curtis Eastwood
Carl - Kevin Eldon

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