What are the characters in Dabbling in Art movie

The characters in Dabbling in Art movie are
Undetermined Secondary Role - Fanny Kelly
Undetermined Secondary Role - Mary Mayberry
Undetermined Secondary Role - Kathryn McGuire
The Artist's Wife - Marie Prevost
The Model - Harriet (I) Hammond
Undetermined Secondary Role - Patrick (V) Kelly
Bum in Theatre - Gordon (II) Lewis
Man Outside Mercantile - Joseph Belmont
The Artist - George (I) O'Hara
The Art Collector - John J. Richardson
Minor Role - William Sloan
Big Dumbbell - Tiny Ward
Undetermined Secondary Role - Billy Bevan
Bum in Theatre - Lige Conley
The Jeweller - Al (I) Cooke
Teddy the Dog - Teddy the (I) Dog
Theatregoer - Eddie (III) Fitzgerald

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